Peer-to-Peer Clouds

By Marcin Piczkowski Comment

Some people explain serverless as using others’ servers to run application. When thinking about serverless applications till now I was focused on cloud providers such as Amazon but recent talk on local Java Users Group has opened my eyes to the new possibilities provided by peer-to-peer networks.

It reminded me that I have even used it already myself long time ago by means of the BitTorrent.

On the mentioned talk it was presented how to build distributed unplugged system for documentation flow in a factory.

It means a system which works even if there is no electricity due to the fact that client devices (tablets and mobile phones) are used for storage and processing power.

They communicate with each other via WIFI and create a secure local cluster of little servers.

P2P Cloud

All this was possible to implement using Akka Distributed Data library and Inter-Planetary File System.

When I read further about it, I found out that there are various researches of P2P clouds and applications ongoing. Some of them were mentioned in this article.

The topic is definitely worth exploring so you can expect more posts on this subjects in future.

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