What is this about?

This blog is about cloud technology and servlerless applications. Cloud is a fancy buzzword heard often nowadays. Cloud is unlimited, cloud is the future.

In the era when devices are getting smaller and smaller and they are only an interface to access internet, everything else is in the cloud. Just look at Google Docs,Google Drive, Microsoft OneNote, Amazon Prime Photos services.

I remember the times when to backup my data I was buying packs of CDs and burning them out. Then I moved to external drives storage. Nowadays, I have everything in the Cloud. My phone is synchronizing contacts and photos with online storage services. Once it’s in the Could you cannot delete it. Even though you think you’ve deleted it, it will alwais be there :)

This reminds me of a comedy “Sex Tape” about a movie mistakenly uploaded to the Cloud and taking efforts to delete it.

Imagine the rapid progress of the technology when people will be literally connected to the Internet with a kind of chip implanted in body. We already get a sample of how it may look like with augmented reality (e.g. so famous lately game called Pokemon Go!) What if you could see the augmented reality on your own eyes without an external device?

There are companies already working on it - see the film below.

Sarif Industries TV Spot from Square Enix on Vimeo.

This all opens incredible possibilities but can be kind of scary too. Read my blog and see how it all evolves.

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I am modern technology enthusiast, runner (sometimes running marathons) and most of all - a father. I earn for a living mostly on Java technology stack, but also used others - Groovy, Grails, Scala, NodeJs - to name a few.