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Here we go! Starting the blog about various Cloud topics.

There are various motivators behind this blog but the most important is to learn about different technologies allowing to run systems in the Cloud.

Check About section for more info.

We’re going to start with a series of articles about amazing and actively developed framework called Servlerless. What is amazing about the framework is that it allows to boot an application with a few command lines and has a great support for testing and release stages. The project is open source and available on Github. It is written in Node.js but supports different languages (Node.js, Python, Java & Scala). At the moment it supports only hosting applications on Amazon Web Services (AWS) but developers are working on Azure and Google platforms support as well.

While learning Serverless caveats we’re going to write a real application and deploy it on Amazon Web Services. The idea for the application comes from one of the job descriptions which I found on UpWork portal.

Here is the excerpt:

Development of a Reservation System for an RV Park

Have a new RV Park opening and need an online reservation system. The new RV park will have a total of 36 RV sites and 20 inside / 10 outside storage units. Please see the attached layout for the park. The reservation system needs to use the park layout and allow individuals to select the dates they want to reserve a particular site in the park. The reservation system should capture all required Client information including name, address, phone number, arrival and departure time, etc. System will NOT store credit card information. Would like to see this done either in Access or Excel, but open to other ideas. Reservation system should not allow for double booking of a particular RV site.

Obviously we won’t do it in Access or Excel but use AWS infrastructure.

I decided to create such project for a couple of reasons:

  1. I want to learn how to build servlerless applications on AWS
  2. I want to make something real
  3. I want to enrich my portfolio

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